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Welcome to LawDawgBBQ.com.

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Lots of people have asked where we got the name LawDawg BBQ. Well, the easiest answer is that LawDawg BBQ is the combination of several things: our love of barbeque, law enforcement, and the Georgia Bulldogs. As we put it, cooking Q by nature, policing by choice, and a Dawg fan by birth. We don’t think it gets any easier than that.

Our Q is first given a caring “rubdown” of different spices that when combined with the slow smoked time and temperature, it creates an explosion of taste. Is our Q better than anyone else’s? We will let you answer that question for yourself. Can you learn to cook Q as good as us or better? Absolutely. Follow the link to BarbecueCoach.com. There are many different types of Q and many different ways of cooking it.  

Is it barbecue, barbeque or bar-b-que? It doesn’t matter how you spell it, it is the results that get you noticed. Real barbeque means cooking over indirect heat for a long time at a low temperature, not grilling. You get the real flavor from the rub and from the type of wood that you use. Hickory? Oak? Pecan? Peach? YES!!! It is also about the sauce. Our sauces are homemade from our own recipes, some that date back to the early 1920’s.

We are a proud new member of the Stump’s Nation. What is a Stump’s? It is the type of smoker that we have chosen to cook on. They are made in Centerville, GA. by “Stump.” In 2009, competition teams using Stump’s Smokers won 29 Grand Championships and 25 Reserve Grand Championships. So, we decided to use what the winners use, a Stump's.

Hambone Jam 2010
Fort Valley, GA

"This is Good Stuff"
Macon Telegraph
September 12, 2010

Kerry Sparks (LawDawg BBQ)

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